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Giant Step serves young adults with learning challenges, mild developmental delays and those on the Autism Spectrum.  Individuals demonstrating behavioral disorders or requiring a therapeutic environment are not able to be considered.
Potential candidates must have a commitment to live independently with the supports offered by Giant Step and demonstrate a sincere desire to integrate into the community by participating in a variety of social recreational and educational activities.
Giant Step typically accepts members in the age range between 18-34.

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The GIANT STEP office is located in Hauppauge, New York, one short block from the Renaissance Hills apartment complex.  

There are one, two, and three bedroom apartments. Typically, the members rent an apartment for themselves or with one roommate.

The property is  a tree lined 650-unit luxury apartment complex complete with two swimming pools, basketball courts, and a fitness center.

Within walking distance from the complex is a shopping plaza with a supermarket, restaurants, and many other retail stores.  The Hauppauge Public Library is also a short walk from the apartments, and the Long Island Railroad is a ten minute ride away. We are also just a fifteen minute drive to Macarthur Airport.

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Members of the community can participate in Giant Step Services' classes and electives.

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