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Members spend half of their day in work training, an internship, paid employment or college classes.

The other half of the students’ day consists of individual instruction and small group classes focusing on a pragmatic curriculum rich in real life application. The individual instruction and small classes include such courses as: 

Educational Seminar Modules

Social Psychology 

Vocational Seminar 

Relationships/Peer Resolution

Community Based Outdoor Education

Financial Planning

Giant Step is an ideal alternative for academically able young adults who have challenges that compromise their ability to live on a college campus. While living in a supportive environment that promotes growth in the area of executive functioning and social skills, a post-secondary student attending a local college/vocational technical training  receives academic and social supports to maximize success.

Giant Step maintains a cooperative relationship with BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) to provide technical and certificate programs for students who want to pursue specific career training. 

Members of the community can inquire about participating in Giant Step Services.

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