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Apartment Life

Independent Living Skills  and apartment maintenance are taught right  in member's apartments, their "learning laboratory." Our approach is individualized, accommodating each member's learning style, comfort level and personal goals.

Members learn skills including budgeting, menu planning, grocery shopping, food prep, cooking and apartment organization. ​

Financial and Budgeting

Giant Step staff assist members in learning how to handle the practical application and responsibility of money management. Acquired skills include: online banking and branch transactions, bill paying, budgeting for trips and weekly expenses, and reviewing paychecks.

Community/Personal Wellness

Learning how to be aware of your surroundings and manage time including "down time " are integral aspects in achieving independence. Giant Step staff and Residential advisors reinforce the following to promote greater ongoing success.

  • medication renewal

  • personal/online safety

  • fire/medical safety

  • local transportation/travel guidance

Independent Living: About
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